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We encounter so many inspiring makers and performers, each one of them so rich in their work, so specific in their approach to a creation, so different from each other.

And we are curious about them.


For that we ask several artists to let us enter their “kitchen” and have a look at their universes, at what inspires them and to their creative process.

The next Mime Kitchen, #4 will be with Francesca Lazzeri!

On the 18th of March 2021.

Book you free online spot here:

Apr 06, 2024, 3:30 PM
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Jochem Stuivenuiter:

Co-founder and artistic director of mime theater group Bambie. In addition to Bambie, he played and made with: Orkater, Alex D’electrique, Ro theater and the Amsterdamse bostheater. He was resident actor / maker at the Noord Nederlands Toneel between 2013 and 2016.

Paul van der Laan:

At the Mimeschool I have founded, together with classmate Jochem Stavenuiter, Theatergroep Bambie (May 1996).

From the beginning we numbered our performances; in 2013 was the last one, Bambie 17, which premiered in Frascati Theater, Amsterdam. On five school performances, four were subsidized ad hoc and eight Arts Plan productions came to an end.

In the years that followed, I directed regularly: in 2013 that included 'Once upon a time in het veen', a large location performance that took place in about fifteen locations in Drenthe. The location theater Peergroup was the initiator.

In 2014 I made the Oerol performance 'Stel je bent een rij' with TGEcho.

In 2015 I wrote for Peergroup the text for the performance "Vogelvluchť, which premiered in July that year. “Nu is over", a performance that I developed with The Dutch Vinex Wonderboys, was made in that same year.

In early 2016 I worked with V Berlin on 'Ooit', a music theater performance about two music-making sisters whose fame is waning with sickness and old age. Next to that I coached theater school students in directing, making and performing their own performances. I have between others coached Femke Aernouts (graduated in 2017 from AHK) and Tjebbe Roelofs (who works for Theater Artemis, among others) in creating their solos.

At Oerol 2016 I played in 'Total Eclipse of the heart' by Theatergroep Kassys, a fully sung performance by four men who no longer can keep their emotions for themselves. In the same year I was also seen in the 8+ show 'If you run fast enough, nobody knows where you are anymore', by Theatergroep Artemis.

Since October 2016, I have been Wil Wijzer in 'Help de music is searches', a performance in the Rijksmuseum for 4+ in the eighteenth century department.

After a few years of silence, Bambie is back with two projects, Bambie Nul and Bambie is Back. The latter concluded his theater tour on April 5, 2018 in Frascati in Amsterdam and on Terschelling during Oerol we played an open-air version of this performance.

Bambie Nul experienced his journey through the small and middle halls of the Dutch theaters in season '18 -'19.

In September 2018 I also played in 'Victorie', a performance about the liberation of Alkmaar, I directed the theater group Isla Bonita with Frascati, continued my work at the Rijksmuseum and I played for Maas Theater en Dans in Rotterdam, with Daniëlle van de Ven I made the youth performance 'Stilte’.

I also made a solo about the period that I had a psychosis. It premiered on May 15, 2019 in Frascati, Amsterdam. A tour will follow in season '20 -21.

In June/July 2019 I played in a theatre adaptation of

the film The Polish Bride. This location performance was

a co-production of tgECHO and NNT and will have a revival in August / September 2020.

Season '19-’20 has seen the performance ‘Stilte’ touring along Rotterdam schools, a new performance by Bambie about anger and a location performance in collaboration with Het Houten Huis.

The past two months I have been working with Lotte Dunselman (with whom I worked on the Polish Bride) on a new performance: “Ik kan mij niet missen”, a performance in which we try to get closer to our own death. This production would premiere on February 25th, but due to the covid measures it is being postponed.

In addition, we are waiting with Bambie for the moment to be able to play "Bambie 20, de woedende versie“. This performance is said to have already premiered ...

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