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Residency 2020

Residency Beginning of F/all

September 7th to 26th.

Open work in progress presentations during Kick off on September 24th to 26th. 

Participants of the residency 2020 are: 

Niel Kuiters

Leela May Stokholm 
Erik van de Wijdeven 



Erik van de Wijdeven


After having studied both design and theatre, Erik van de Wijdeven’s practice alternates between performing, making, and scenography/light design. His works are characterised by his fascination for creating abstract, minimalistic installations and atmospheres which enhance the expression and perception of the human presence. Ideally, they result in the creation of physical and textual pieces with a distinct visual signature, portraying a relentless curiosity towards the mysteries and complexities of being in a body. 


Incubate is an intimate, biographical installation-performance about how the body copes with traumatic memory. A poignant and visceral journey along the remnants and imprints of a traumatic birth, as a plea for physical embodiment and healing. 


Concept, space, performance: Erik van de Wijdeven

Advice: Fabián Santarciel de la Quintana & Rob Smorenberg


Leela May Stokholm

Ocean in me


They say that the water is coming. So I looked it up. If the dikes break, my house (in this street, in this city, in this country under sea level) will be three meters underwater.

I need to build an arc.


But how to do that, when I am just a drop in this ocean called life?


Ocean in me is a research on how to see the performance itself as an arc. To move us out of a place of avoidance/ overwhelm/ drowning, into a place of connected presence. To unpeel the layers of the complex into a place of playful wonder. Letting myths, music and poetry come with new possible answers. 


Text, music, movement, performance: Leela May Stokholm

Advice: Anne van Dorp

Music advice: Channah van t Riet & Brechtje van Dijk 

Text advice: Chris Lomans & Marieke Polderdijk 

Thanks to an ocean of people who have supported, helped, inspired and became part of this journey! 


Niels Kuiters


Time is Movement. 

Without movement time can not exist. 

If the planets would stop revolving around the Sun and the Earth would seize to rotate, time would come to a halt. 

So, if movement dictates time: How can I as a performer move and manipulate time?

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