Mime Kitchen

We encounter so many inspiring makers and performers, each one of them so rich in their work, so specific in their approach to a creation, so different from each other.

And we are curious about them.


For that we ask several artists to let us enter their “kitchen” and have a look at their universes, at what inspires them and to their creative process.


Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti is the first one to invite us in her artistic universe.


Mime kitchen #1 -

03 December 2020


Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti (1979)

Born in Bolivia, grew up in Brazil, studied classical piano, modern and contemporary dance, was part of various music, dance and theatre ensembles in both countries, till she moved to Amsterdam to follow the Mime School at the School for Superior Arts, where she teaches now. After getting her degree she stayed in The Netherlands to further develop and actively work in the performance, art and music, playing extensively as an interdisciplinary artist nationally and internationally. During the last five years she has been working on bridging shamanic and animistic practices. It resulted in the trilogy “Amaranthine”, “SELVAGE” and  “We must risk the light” that have been part of exhibits and festivals a.o. W139, Arti&amicitiae, The Bussan Biennale (KO), “How artist meditate” at Savina Museum - Seoul (KO), The Minimal Music Festival at Muziekgebouw aan t’ IJ, Frascati Issues: Trip TO HEAL, Museo de Arte da Bahia (BR). As a musician she was part of various collaborations a.o. OKAPI, Todos de pie, Ryley Walker, Polyband and has her own bands Silverbones and Superinca & the galactic green, with whom she performed in numerous opportunities a.o. Rewire Festival, Le Guess who?, Gaudeamus, November Music, IFFR, Gemeente museum, Down the Rabbit Hole. She has collaborated with numerous artists, theatre groups, ensembles and visual art projects a.o. Schweigman&, Nicole Beutler projects, Nineties productions, Stichting dOeK, The Paper Ensemble, Bambie, de Veenfabriek, Orkaan, Orkater, Elvira Wersche, Germaine Kruip, Sander& Witte, RAAAF, Folkert de Jong and as DJ Superinca. www.ibelisseguardiaferragutti.com


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